The Cetinje monastery

Monastery at Cetinje The Cetinje monastery (146 Kb)

The Monastery of Saint Peter of Cetinje (Sveti Petar Cetinjski) was built in 1701 by Vladika Danilo Petrovic, the founder of the Petrovic dynasty. The monastery was built on the site of the former court of Ivan Crnojevic, a ruler from the third Montenegrin dynasty.

The earlier monastery that Ivan Crnojevic had built in 1484 was on a different location called "Cipur" (from the Greek kipurion meaning beautiful garden) until it was destroyed in an Ottoman campaign in 1692.

The Monastery served as the seat of the Montenegrin Metropolitan (Archbishop). It was also the focal point of education and culture. The first elementary and high school in Montenegro operated in the monastery. But it was also the center of power of the Montenegrin state. Here, the Bishop-Prince and poet Petar Petrovic Njegos (1813-1851) operated a printing press and a workshop for producing zinc cannon balls.

The Cetinje monastery also served as a family mausoleum for the Petrovic dynasty. Buried there are Prince Danilo Petrovic with his wife Darinka and daughter Olga, Grand Duke Mirko Petrovic, Bishop Sava Petrovic and many others.

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