Ostrog monastery

Monastery built into side of mountain Uncropped view shows surroundings (110 Kb)

Ostrog monastery stands on a hill between Danilovgrad and Niksic. The monastery was built by Vladika St.Vasilije of Zahumlje and Herzegovina, one of the four Montenegrin saints, in the 17th century. His relics are kept in the Monastery. The relics of St.Vasilije and the monastery are believed to have healing power. The monastery is a major sanctuary and a favorite visiting place for Orthodox Christians.

The monastery has two churches. The Upper Church, built in a cave, was constructed in 1665. The wall paintings in the Upper Church, from the same period, are attributed to the artist Radul. The Lower Church dates from the 18th century. Among its treasures, the Church owns a prayer book (Mineon) from 1732 and decorated candlesticks from 1779.

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