Monasteries, Churches and Mosques: The Cetinje monastery | The Ostrog monastery | The Moraca monastery | The Piva monastery | The Savina monastery | Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks), a baroque church | The Husein-Pasha mosque in Pljevlja | Cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor

Sample page from Book of Psalms First Books in South East Europe: Oktoih, the Book of Psalms | Miroslav's Gospel (Miroslavljevo jevandjelje) | Kraljevstvo Slovena ,The Kingdom of the Slavs

Sample art: statue of Njegos Works of Art: Hypnos, the God of Sleep in the Risan Mosaic | Njegos: the mausoleum, statue, and paintings | Battle at Vucji Do in 1876: painting by Petar Lubarda

Example historic towns & places Historic Towns: Cetinje | King Nikola I's Palace, now the National Museum in Cetinje

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