The origins of the Montenegrins’ ancestors
Duklja (Doclea), the first Montenegrin state under the first dynasty, the Vojislavljevic
Zeta (Duklja) under the second Montenegrin dynasty, the Balsic (1356-1427)
Zeta (Montenegro) under the third Montenegrin dynasty, the Crnojevic (1427-1516)
Montenegro under the Vladikas (Bishops), 1516-1697
Montenegro under the Vladikas from the Petrovic dynasty (1697-1918): Danilo Petrovic, the founder of the Petrovic dynasty (1697-1735) | Sava Petrovic (1735-1782) and Vasilije Petrovic (1750-1766) as an associate of Sava Petrovic | Petar I Petrovic (St. Peter of Cetinje), 1782-1830 | Petar II Petrovic Njegos, 1830-1851 | Prince Danilo, 1852-1860 | King Nikola I, 1860-1918
How the Montenegrin State and Kingdom Was Abolished in 1918
The Christmas Uprising, 1919
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